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Requirement on Food Safety Management System

The Food Safety Management System (FSMS) provides a preventative approach to identify, prevent and reduce food-borne hazards. This is to minimize the risk of food poisoning and to make food safe for consumption. A well designed FSMS with appropriate control measures can help food establishments comply with food hygiene regulations and ensure that food prepared for sale is hygienic and safe for consumers.

With effect from June 2014, all caterers will be required to submit a proper Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)-based FSMS with reference to the Singapore Standard SS583:2013 as a basic guide. This is in accordance with the new requirement in the revised Code of Practice on Environmental Health (COPEH), where all new and existing caterers are required to implement a HACCP-based FSMS before obtaining or renewing their license.

To improve food hygiene standards in the food industry, BASE requires all new and existing caterers to implement an FSMS before obtaining or renewing their license. From 1st June 2014, all caterer licensees and new applicants are to comply with the following FSMS requirements:-

  • New Caterers:All new applicants for catering licences are required to submit an FSMS plan within the first three months of the licence issuance date
  • Existing Caterers:Existing caterer licensees will have to submit an FSMS plan at least three months before their next licence renewal date, starting with licences expiring from 1st September 2014
  • Training for All Caterers:All caterer licensees are required to appoint at least one staff of supervisory role per licensed premises (e.g. food hygiene officer, head chef or operations manager), preferably in-charge of day-to-day operations, to undergo and pass the course in “WSQ Apply FSMS for Food Service Establishments”. Licensees are required to submit a copy of the Statement of Attainment (SOA) to BASE.

    (Licensees who are already HACCP-certified will not be required to submit the SOA for the training course “WSQ Apply FSMS for Food Service Establishments”. However, HACCP-certified licensees are required to submit a copy of a valid HACCP certificate for the premises to fulfil the FSMS requirement. When companies are certified in HACCP, they will have to demonstrate compliance with the same parameters as the FSMS under SS583:2013.)

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