FSSAI Consultants


A FSSAI Consultant who accelerates your Licensing, Registration Process.

A FSSAI Consultant is an expert who understands the technicalities and has depth knowledge on implementation part & provide guidance on legal process in more efficiently manner.

Why Should you hire a FSSAI Consultant ?

There are various concepts in FSSAI Like FSSAI License, FSSAI Registration, FSSAI Product Approval, FSSAI Logo etc.

For Food Business Operators it is not clear wheather they should apply for FSSAI licence or FSSAI registration. To clear confusion & have LEGAL FOOOD BUSINESS. Here are top reasons why Food Business Operators (FBO) hire a FSSAI Consultant.

• FSSAI Consultant will help you in documentation, validation, verification and filling your application .
• FSSAI Consultant will help you in Compiling all the data for each Product category and filling the application Online for the for Product Approval.
• FSSAI Consultant Will help you in all journey of Legal Compliances.

How FSSAI consultants Works ?

Step 1: FSSA Consultants guide & consult you on licensing procedure & documentation
Step 2: Consult on submission of all paper work for licensing
Step 3 : FSSAI Consultant Help you to comply by the law & protect yourself from the consumer
Step 4: Provide Guidance on other queries with respect to the manufacture, handling, sale, distribution, packing, service, storage, import & approval of food & beverage products.

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