Food Science & Technology


Food Science

Food science draws from many disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, and biochemistry in an attempt to better understand food processes and ultimately improve food products for the general public. As the stewards of the field, food scientists study the physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of food. By applying their findings, they are responsible for developing the safe, nutritious foods and innovative packaging that line supermarket shelves everywhere.

Food Technology

The food you consume on a daily basis is the result of extensive food research, a systematic investigation into a variety of foods’ properties and compositions. After the initial stages of research and development comes the mass production of food products using principles of food technology. All of these interrelated fields contribute to the food industry – the largest manufacturing industry in India

What is Food Science and Technology?

Food scientists develop and improve ways to process raw ingredients, such as grains, meats, milk, fruit and vegetables to safe, tasty and nutritious foods. The study of food science and technology is multi-disciplinary, involving application of the basic sciences chemistry, nutrition, engineering, microbiology and the latest research developments in the handling, processing and packaging of foods from the farm to the consumer’s plate.

What does a Food Scientist or Technologist do?

The food industry is the largest industry in the world and needs highly trained professionals in food science and technology to ensure the supply, quality and safety of food for everybody on the planet. Food scientists apply chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and engineering to research, develop, process, evaluate, package and market food.

Food scientists determine the quality and properties of foods including the nutritive value, flavour, palatability, colour, texture and storage life of foods using sensory testing, biochemistry and microbiology techniques. Food technologists apply their knowledge of food science to operate, design and manage the facilities and equipment involved in the processing and storage of foods.

Food scientists and technologists are also involved in the research and development of new food products and new technologies in the processing of foods.

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